Portable Storm Shelters

Storm Shelters for Homes

If you have been searching for storm shelters for homes, you will like the inventory of storm shelters for sale on our site. We have multi unit storm shelters available so that there is plenty of space for your family to stay safe away from any hazardous storms that may be entering your area. Our portable storm shelters are excellent at keeping you safe from inclement weather and even tornadoes that are categorized at the EF-5 level. You really can't compare the storm shelters cost versus your life when you are making a decision to obtain one. Be sure to ask us any questions if you have any concerns about the storm shelters that we sell.

Utilize Our Multi Unit Storm Shelters

When you utilize one of our largest multi unit storm shelters, you'll be in a unit that has the ability to withstand a topside download as large as 1,000,000 pounds. This makes this unit one of the strongest portable storm shelters that you can purchase. Standard features that are available on the unit include a two-ton dual HV/AC, 25,000 BTU air conditioner and heat pump by Mitsubishi. The anchoring system is unique to our company as we have five United States patents that are associated with our stabilization system. The main difference between our unit and competitors is that we avoid using turnbuckle and wire assembly.

Provides You With A High Amount Of Safety

When you're searching for options, we have two different storm shelters to choose from. Our biggest unit is one of the strongest portable storm shelters that you will find available. It has been tested for blasts by the Southwest Research Institute that's located in San Antonio, Texas. Test reports are available if you are interested in viewing an in-depth look. You'll also find that we have a second option that you can easily pull behind your three-quarter ton truck. This unit includes a generator, air conditioner, heater, lockers, benches, desks and a station that is designed for rapid cooldown.

Our Storm Shelters Help You Against Natural And Man-Made Hazards

There are a number of benefits in using our storm shelters against man-made hazards and natural hazards. If you live in an area that is susceptible to high winds or tornadoes, it's important for you to seek some type of safe shelter if the elements ever start to flare up in your vicinity. By utilizing our storm shelters for homes, you can avoid being caught in a dangerous EF-5 or lower category tornado. You will also be safe against hazards such as hail and lightning, extreme heat and extreme cold. Our storm shelters can protect you from blowout and fires as well as explosive blasts that might occur due to domestic terrorism.

We Have The Best Storm Shelters For Sale

When you are looking for the best storm shelters for sale, you will need to analyze our units. Our engineers have gone to extreme lengths to make sure that our storm shelters are some of the best in the industry. When you are searching for storm shelters for homes, you'll notice that we also cater to large companies. We are a leader in this business and would be happy to have you as a customer.

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