Portable Protection Shelters

Utilize Our Portable Protection Shelters

You never know when you may need to use our portable protection shelters. They can keep a crew of workers safe from hazards such as explosive blasts, hail and lightning and even EF-5 certified tornadoes that can easily throw Peterbilt semi trucks across the interstate. The design and construction of our mobile shelters are able to withstand heavy impacts so that you can stay safe even if you are threatened by domestic terror and workplace violence. You'll be able to seek shelter and know that you are out of danger if you utilize one of our bulletproof shelters. Don't let blowout and fires, extreme heat and cold or toxic chemicals stop you. You'll be protected when you use our portable bulletproof shelters.

Our Mobile Shelters Have Certifications And Patents

Our mobile shelters have been tested to handle extreme impacts so that you can have peace of mind and know that they are safe when you use them. Many of our designs have been evaluated for safety. Third-party analysts have looked at the strength, stability and serviceability of the ventilation openings and structure doors. They've also evaluated the connectivity and anchoring capability of the walls, roof and vessel stabilizing components. We have multiple patents for our designs.

Use Our High-Quality Shelters In Your Industry

Our bulletproof shelters have been utilized in multiple industries. Many companies view them as multipurpose shelters that are an important asset on the job site. You'll find our products in the energy, construction, electrical power generation, transportation, mining, and government settings. You really can't go wrong using our shelters when you need to make sure that you are safe from a hazardous situation. We have a couple of models available, which you can evaluate to see if the large or small version is appropriate for your specific requirements.

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