Portable Blast Shelters

We Have Blast Shelters For Homes

If you are searching the internet for blast shelters for homes, you'll find that we have two excellent blast shelters that you can choose from. The blast shelters for sale that we have on our website have an abundance of features that we know you'll like. One option of blast resistance shelters that we have is a model that you can actually pull behind your truck. These portable blast shelters have been designed to provide you with the safety that you desire if an emergency ever occurs. Be sure to check out our portable bomb shelters and all of the amenities that are included.

Our Portable Blast Shelters Have An Abundance Of Features

Our lineup of portable blast shelters includes a model that you can easily pull behind your 3/4 ton truck. It will provide safety for as many as 12 adults and includes amenities such as lockers, desks, a generator and heating/air-conditioning unit. If you're interested in this type of protective product, you are able to lease or purchase it. It only takes a matter of minutes to transition the unit from travel mode to operational mode. This is done by utilizing a specific system of hydraulics, which takes it down to an anchored state that doesn't require any extra buckling or straps that can become compromised during high winds or if flying debris were to hit them.

Our Portable Bomb Shelters Have Protective Patents

Our portable bomb shelters have designs that are protected by the United States Patent and Trademark Office. They have also been evaluated for their ability to take on external impacts that are commonly seen when a bomb is detonated in the same vicinity. This impact testing is also important for shelters that are going to be used during tornadoes. Results from the Texas Tech Wind Science and Engineering Research Center indicates that our shelters are highly impenetrable and can withstand debris impacts from simulations that are associated with the devastation that an EF-5 tornado can produce.

The Ability To Withstand Impacts From Explosive Blasts

Our blast shelters for sale have been tested by the Southwest Research Institute (SwRI ) for their ability to withstand explosive blasts. The SwRI detonated about 500 pounds of explosives in the vicinity that was just under 80 feet of our shelter, which created an impulsive amount of 2.7 million pounds of force. The results show that there was absolutely no damage or deformation of our shelter. Also, there was no movement of the shelter whatsoever, which shows the dependability of our portable blast shelters. In fact, no other Blast Resistant Building type of shelter is able to match this type of performance

Use Us When You Require High-Quality Blast Resistant Shelters

When you require high-quality blast resistance shelters, it's best if you use our products. The main proof that our units work is shown in the tests that have been conducted. When your safety is on the line, you want to make sure that you are utilizing the best blast resistant shelters that you can find. Be sure to use our products when you are in need of excellent blast shelters.

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