Protect Your Crews With Red Dog Shelters 

The world's strongest mobile, installation-free shelter to guarantee safety for any worksite.

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Protect Your Crews With Red Dog Shelters

The world's strongest mobile, installation-free shelter to guarantee safety for any worksite.


Trusted Service Provider For National Companies

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Big Dog Dimensions: 35'L x 8.25'W x 8.25'H 

Red Dog's Award-Winning Design Helps You

Make Your Worksite Safe & Compliant Within Minutes

Discover why companies like Chevron, BP, & Conoco Phillips choose Red Dog to stay OSHA, API, FEMA, ICC500 & NSSA compliant.

  • Comfort & Convenience: With a large 32-person capacity, each Red Dog mobile tornado shelter is complete with dual air conditioners, heaters, benches, a desk, and the Rapid Cool Down station. Each unit can be operated with on-site power or a 5kW generator (operator supplied and serviced).
  • ​100% Thick A36 Steel: Red Dog's unique robust storm shelter construction and reinforcing process allows these rooms to be capable of withstanding hits by a 20,000-pound truck being driven by an EF5 tornado.
  • ​​​Industry Leader In Safety: Designed by top structural engineers & impact tested by Texas Tech Wind Science and Engineering Research Center to exceed FEMA's highest level Safe Room rating.

For the best tornado shelter and portable storm shelter solution, choose Red Dog Shelters. We are your source for above ground storm shelters and oil transfer camp storm shelters.


Aerodynamic Anchoring™ Tech Keeps You Grounded During Tornadoes:

  • Step ​1: Extreme winds pass over the curved roof of each Red Dog shelter, creating a concentrated area of low pressure at the bottom.
  • ​Step 2: That low pressure is transferred back up through two vacuum tubes, anchoring the Red Dog to the ground like a suction cup.
  • ​Step 3: The harder the wind blows, the more securely the Red Dog sticks to the ground.

When you need a reliable above ground tornado shelter, our Red Dog Shelters provide superior anchoring and strength to keep you and your crew safe in a storm shelter above ground.

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Red Dog's Big Dog Floorplan

A spacious 288 square feet fully equipped with climate control, comfortable seating, and hazard protection.

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How Does Red Dog Stand Up Against 500 Pounds of Deadly Explosives?

High powered explosives detonated 78 feet away from this Red Dog unit produced a  2.77 million pound impulsive force... followed by a wind greater than an EF-5 tornado.

Looking for a portable tornado shelter? Red Dog has you covered.

Our state-of-the-art commercial storm shelters are ideal for various industrial storm shelter needs.

Blast Test Conducted by Southwest Research Institute

Order Your Red Dog Shelter Today!

Call us today at 806.370.3711 to lease a Red Dog Shelter and ensure your safety during severe storm and tornado events.

What Customers Have To say:

"Nobody offers what Red Dog has in terms of the tech. If there’s an explosion, Red Dog Shelters are going to stick to the ground"

- Dick Shaw, President of Rio Grande Safety & Health LLC

"High quality, work in rough environments and have all of the blast-resistant, weather-resistant capabilities."

- Darrell Whitley, Senior VP Market Development for Total Safety

"The Red Dog Shelter is the only unit that I would stake my reputation on as a safety professional of over 40 years."

- Shawn Dodge, VP of Elite Safety Solutions

"After having a Red Dog on location, I won't work in tornado alley without one!"

- Verified Customer

"Red Dog's Aerodynamic Anchoring is so safe and simple."

- Verified Customer

"After seeing the blast test video there is no doubt that Red Dog is the best!"

- Verified Customer

Frequently Asked Questions

 Are Red Dogs less safe than a below ground shelter?

No. In fact, large companies like BP, Shell & Chevron trust Red Dog for countless employees at their worksites. Each unit meets or exceeds every major US recognized safety standard for EF-5 tornadoes.

 How long does it take to install a Red Dog shelter?

In most cases, Red Dog mobile shelters can be installed in 10 minutes or less. Red Dog shelters require no on-site construction and won't run you over budget.

 What if lightning strikes my Red Dog?

All Red Dog shelters designed as Faraday Cages which causes high voltage electrical charges to be eliminated from the inside. If grounded properly, it's virtually impossible to be electrocuted inside a Red Dog.

 Can I breathe inside a Red Dog?

Yes. Red Dogs also have internal heating & cooling system to maximize comfort. FEMA 320 and ICC 500 require that tornado shelters provide four square inches of vent per occupant. All Red Dog shelters meet or exceed this.

 Does Red Dog Work For My Worksite?

Yes. Red Dog is made to be versatile for any worksite. Use in remote locations like oil & gas drilling rigs, wind turbine sites, rail stops, petroleum sites and more.

 Where can I get a Red Dog Shelter?

To get a quote on a Red Dog mobile rental, call us at +1 (806) 370-3711 or click the button below:


All shelter designs are protected by the United States Patent and Trademark Office under US Patent No's:

#8,136,303, #8,375,642, #8,245,450, #8,534,001, #D685921 and other Patents Allowed and Pending.

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Each Red Dog Shelter is individually stamped and certified by Red Dog Shelters via 3rd party analysis and as authorized by the appropriate Authorities Having Jurisdiction to meet or exceed every major US recognized safety standard for EF-5 tornadoes including the International Code Council (ICC500-2008 American National Standard). The ICC / NSSA STANDARD FOR THE DESIGN AND CONSTRUCTION OF STORM SHELTERS, the National Storm Shelter Association (NSSA) Standard, the Department of Homeland Security/Federal Emergency Management Agency 320 and 361 Guidelines, and the American Society of Civil Engineers ASCE 7-2005 "Minimum Design Loads for Building and Other Structures." Red Dog also certifies all shelters are compliant with the FEMA's Publication "Taking Shelter from the Storm" FEMA P-320, Third Edition/August 2008.

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